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Programs: Neurosurgery

Urology |  Oncology |  Neurosurgery  |  Orthopedics
  Industrial Partners:
GE-Canada, Northern Digital, ATAMAI, Cedara Software Corporation, Bresagen, Image Guided Neurologics

Institutional Partners:
UHN, SWCHS:C, HSC, RRI, Oueens University

Principal Investigators:
Kucharczyk, Peters, Ellis, Menon, Bronskill, Plewes


The focus of our neurosurgery program is in the use of MRI to guide neurological procedures, including biopsy, and therapeutic procedures such as thermal therapy and stimulator implants. Although the research is based on scanners produced by a major partner from the US, several of the projects involve the commercialization of intellectual property by Ontario companies related to the use of images from these scanners. A common theme of the projects is the integration of multiple imaging modalities with MRI including CT, functional MRI (fMRI), ultrasound and electrophysiological data and integration with commercial surgical guidance systems.

Software development within this project is following a new modular paradigm, based of the open source Visualization Toolkit (VTK) that enables new functionality to be readily added to our basic surgical planning and guidance platform. It also permits seamless integration with existing commercial systems that are based on different architectures. This approach provides a unique mechanism for rapidly incorporating the fruits of Consortium research into commercial products. The same type of software integration will form the basis of new 3D radiation therapy planning systems employing multiple imaging modalities, each contributing to a better specification of the target characteristics (geometry, oxygen status) with avoidance of normal tissue pathways.

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